Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers

Let Industrialscrubbercenter.com help you find your next walk behind floor scrubber today. Whether you are looking for new or used, we have all of the information in one place to help you from start to finish. Industrial Scrubber Center only partners with the top local dealers in your area that can fulfill fast delivery and maintenance whenever you need it.

How To Buy a Walk Behind Scrubber:

Most walk behind scrubbers will cost over $1,000, so it is important to make sure the machine is well suited to your task. Follow our tips to save yourself some time and money:

  • Trust the larger brands – Buying a walk behind scrubber from Tennant, Advance or Factory Cat can cost more, but the bigger brands are more reliable and (not surprisingly) typically offer better warranties.
  • Research the dealer – When doing your cost comparisons, ask the walk behind scrubber dealer how much they charge for regular or monthly maintenance, what their minimum service fees are, and whether they offer any guarantees on their used scrubbers.
  • Try using the walk behind scrubber before you buy – Most dealers will let you try the equipment out before buying. If you do not find it intuitive to use that can be a red flag.