Industrial Scrubbers – Buy New, Used or Rent?

As a manager or owner of a warehouse, you need to keep your floors clean. An industrial floor scrubber is your best bet, as it will get the job done quickly and efficiently. The most important question, however, is whether you should rent or buy. And if you buy, should go with new or is used just as reliable an option?

For some individuals or businesses renting may be best, while others may find that buying a new or used model is a better fit. When making this decision, there multiple factors at play. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need in order to make the best decision concerning your floor scrubber needs.

What type of floor scrubber do you need?

Before you can settle on buying or renting a scrubbing, you must first determine what characteristics you are looking for. There are really two big dividing factors:

  • How is the floor scrubber operated? There are three different ways a floor scrubber can be operated. There are manually operated, walk-behind floor scrubbers, automatically powered walk-behind scrubbers, and ride-on scrubber machines .
  • How is the floor scrubber powered? These machines can be powered by battery or by cord. Cord-powered floor scrubbers are less expensive, but do not provide as much mobility when compared to battery-powered scrubbers.

How do you know which floor scrubber you will need? Take a look at your space. A large, open space could be quickly cleaned by a ride-on, powered floor scrubber. If your space is small or clutter, consider a smaller, walk-behind model.

How often will you be using your floor scrubber?

In order to make the most cost effective choice concerning buying or renting a floor scrubber, you must first determine how often you plan to use your floor scrubber. If your facility only needs cleaned a few times a year for a special event, annual or quarterly deep cleans, or to prep floors for sealing or stripping, renting may be the best choice. However, if you plant to clean the floors of your facility frequently, perhaps purchasing makes more sense. Buying will be a higher upfront cost, but renting can quickly surpass the cost of purchasing with repeated rentals over time.

How much do new floor scrubbers cost?

Depending on your requirements for a floor scrubbing, the price varies greatly. Here is a look at what you can expect to spend when purchasing a new floor scrubber:

  • Manual, walk-behind machines can cost between $500-$2,500 new
  • Automatic, walk-behind machines cost between $4,000-$12,000 new
  • Ride-one machines can cost between $10,000 to $50,000 new

There are additional costs to consider when purchasing a new floor scrubber. Maintenance plans which include inspections, repairs, and regular tune ups cost between $500 and $1000 each year. All new floor scrubbers should include a warranty, and there may be a small additional cost.

How much do used floor scrubbers cost?

Used floor scrubbers are priced at roughly a 35% percent discount when compared to new models. With this discount in mind you can expect to spend:

  • $325-$1,625 for a used, manual, walk-behind machine.
  • $2,600-$7,800 for a used, automatic, walk-behind machine.
  • $6,500-$32,500 for a used, ride-on machine.

Used machines often come with a maintenance agreement which include inspections, repairs, and regular tune ups. Most used machines will include a warranty at an additional cost. Delivery costs for both new and used scrubbers can range from $50-$150 depending on your distance from the provider.

How much do floor scrubber rentals cost?

Similarly to purchasing a scrubber, there is great variation in price based on what type of machine you will be renting. Length of use is another factor that affects the cost of your rental. While rental prices may vary with each company, it's best to compare prices on industrial scrubbers to get the best deal. Here is an example of what an industrial scrubber may rent for:

  • An automatic, ride-on machine at this particular vendor costs $350 daily, $1050 weekly, and $4850 monthly
  • An automatic, walk-behind machine costs around $100 daily, $350 weekly, and $1025 monthly
  • A single disc, walk-behind machine costs $75 daily, $225 weekly, and $675 monthly

Remember to take into account the cost of repeated delivery at $50-$150 each use. As you can see, if you anticipate regular use of a floor scrubber, the cost of repeated rentals can really start to add up.

How do I find a reliable vendor?

Perhaps you have finally decided on buying or renting a floor scrubber to maintain your facility, now you are wondering how you can track down a reliable vendor for your machine. At Industrial Scrubber Center, we have worked hard to become experts on industrial floor cleaning so that you don’t have to.

We suggest that, when purchasing a floor scrubber you look for a well known, and trusted brand. Take a good look at your dealer, asking questions about regularly maintenance costs and how they stack up compared to their competition. It is a smart idea to try out your new scrubber before purchasing, and most dealers will allow you to do so.

Have you decided that renting makes more sense for your facility? At Industrial Scrubber Center, our staff compiled a reliable network of vendors we feel confident recommending for floor scrubber rentals. Our suggested vendors can be found all over the United States. You can also browse dealers for new, used, and rental industrial scrubber machine service area by state.

Should you Rent an industrial Srubber? Should you Buy an industrial Srubber?