Finding Your Next Ride On Floor Scrubber

Your ride on scrubber is the real workhorse of your facility cleaning environment. These machines help save time and money for larger facilities and help to avoid the trail left by a walk behind machine. Choosing the right ride on scrubber for your application is critical to keep your operations running smoothly. Industrial Scrubber Center can help you find a machine that you can rely on. These tips will help you weigh your options:

How Much Time Savings Will a Ride On Scrubber Offer?

Ride on scrubbers offer significant time savings over manual scrubbers. For most applications it is easy to achieve a doubling of efficiency per worker.

How Much Maintenance is Required?

Like all equipment, ride on scrubbers need proper care and maintenance to run smoothly. Treated well they can last over 10 years. Brushes need to be replaced often, and a technician should inspect the machine every 6 months for high use customers.

What Kind of Customizations Are Available?

Most scrubbers come with a variety of brushes and brush attachments, but many manufacturers will also offer even more. You can also add side brushes for example to clean corners and edges easier.

Tips For Purchasing a Ride On Floor Scrubber:

Buying a ride on floor scrubber is not a small investment so you want to make sure you do your homework as with any major purchase. Let us help you make sure you find a quality scrubber that you can afford:

  • Compare at least three prices – when shopping for a used floor scrubber you will not be able to compare identical machines, but dealers prices for comparable machines can vary greatly so check out at least three.
  • Evaluate the 'Total Price' – be sure to look beyond the quoted rate, and make sure that you are factoring in taxes, delivery, etc. Some dealers will provide a warranty on their used machines while others sell 'as is'.
  • Measure your facility – It might not make as much sense to buy a ride on scrubber if it is wider than some of your aisles or it will not be able to access a significant portion of your property. Find the minimum width that the floor scrubber will need to maneuver about your facility and look out for tight spots that the scrubber may not be able to get through.