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Welcome to Industrial Scrubber Center

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Save on New & Used Floor Scrubbers for Sale or Rent

Find the perfect industrial machine scrubber for the job you have in mind. At IndustrialScrubberCenter.com, we enable our customers to find the perfect scrubber for sale or rental scrubbers for short term solutions. From warehouses to commercial office buildings, our ride-on scrubber and walk behind scrubber products provide a wide range of sizes and features. We carry alternative industrial scrubbers such as compact battery powered scrubbers and scrubber-dryer combos. Increase productivity at your facility by contacting Industrial Scrubber Center today.​

Walk-Behind Scrubbers

We carry walk behind floor scrubbers in both electric for smaller spaces and battery operated walk-behind scrubbers for larger areas.

Ride-On Scrubbers

Larger spaces require a little more power, and our industrial ride-on scrubbers are the perfect fit for the job. Less time, more clean. Call today.

Why Use Industrial Scrubber Center?

There are many reasons why customers use our streamlined service when they are in need of a industrial floor scrubber. Here are a few:

  • Time: With IndustrialScrubberCenter.com, instead of researching multiple companies, all of your needs are met with a single call or email.
  • Budgeting: We allow you to compare multiple companies at once to find the perfect scrubber that fits your budget.
  • Quality: All of our partners are pre-screened so you assured to get the highest quality customer service and products.

Industrial Scrubber Center FAQ

Most customers do not purchase industrial floor scrubbers very often so we typically run across the same questions time and again. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from people shopping for or researching industrial floor scrubbers.

How Much Does An Industrial Floor Scrubber Cost?

The cost of a floor scrubber will fall within a broad range based on manufacturer, age of the floor scrubbing machine (used of course cost considerably less), wear and tear and size/cleaning capacity. Generally speaking, a new walk behind floor scrubber will cost from $2,000 to $2,000 and a new ride on floor scrubber will cost from $15,000 to $55,000.

Does It Matter If My Scrubber Has Disk Scrubbers vs. Cylindrical Scrubbing?

Both types will get just about any job done, but there are pros and cons to each. Disk scrubbers usually work better for retail outlets that need to use the machine for various types of washing, scrubbing and polishing. The cylindrical scrubbers are better for environments where there may be larger debris in the way, and for heavier duty applications.

What Kind Of Warranties Are Available?

Warranties from scrubber manufacturers of two years are typical. However, you will be responsible for replacing the discs and/or scrubbing cylinders as they wear down. These can cost from $50 to over $1,000 for the heavy duty cylinders.

Can I Use Any Type of Cleaning Fluid?

Manufacturers will often recommend specific cleaners for their equipment. It is always important to make sure that the cleaning liquid tank is kept clean and secure, and that you are careful to dilute the cleaning solution to the correct levels.

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

For floor scrubber purchases there is often no charge as long as you are within 40 miles of a major metro. Floor scrubber rental delivery fees range from $70 to $120 each way depending on your distance.

If you have any additional questions feel free to send them via email or give us a call anytime.